You need the resources, time and focus to ensure your current operations perform well and your long-term strategies are realized. We understand that. We invest for the long-term, structure balance sheets prudently, and seek to be true business partners.

We’re in no rush. We’re in this with you.

  • Our conservative use of debt preserves your flexibility.
  • Your long-term strategies have time to come to fruition.
  • We offer board level support and strategic guidance, but do not interfere in your day-to-day operations.
  • We make our resources available to you as required for initiatives such as acquisitions, expanding into new markets or products, strategic planning and tax planning, so that you can execute your objectives.
  • We remain mindful of your needs by structuring your incentives to provide liquidity regardless of whether or not the business is sold.

Taking the long road has its rewards. As patient investors, we align our approach to match your goals, allowing you to grow your business at a pace that’s right for you. To find out how we can help your team succeed, contact us today.

Peter Ruppert
LNC has been a fantastic partner for us. From start-up through today, they’ve provided significant value in strategy, capital allocation, and overall business counsel. They’ve been a key contributor to our success.
Peter Ruppert

We offer flexibility and
a high certainty to close.