You’re focused on results. So are we, which is why you can trust our team to deliver superior levels of professionalism and responsiveness throughout the deal process. While your client has many options, our flexibility allows us to deliver several clear advantages:

  • We have a long-term investment horizon, so we are less focused on an exit strategy than financial buyers.
  • We negotiate in a principled and transparent fashion. When our feedback is negative, we share our reasoning. When it is positive, we indicate our level of interest so that transactions can move forward quickly.
  • We are comfortable taking a minority position. This is ideal for sellers looking to avoid dilution, facilitate a staged exit, or execute a family recapitalization.
  • We understand that to family owners and entrepreneurs, this is more than just a sale. Securing a long-term business steward, ensuring fair treatment of employees post-transaction and continued independence or use of the business name are key selection factors for many owners. LNC’s flexible model can allow for this.
  • We ensure a high certainty to close by utilizing conservative capital structures.
  • We respect the confidentiality involved with the M&A process.
  • We will pay customary finder’s fees.
  • Our team makes communication simple by maintaining a single point of contact.

Our approach to value creation is a strong alternative to private equity. If you have an opportunity you’d like to explore, contact us. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get started.

We offer flexibility and
a high certainty to close.