Investor Profile

We invest patient equity capital in leading lower middle-market companies in consumer brands, building materials and asset management. Over the course of our history, we’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars in dozens of organizations. Today, we’re focused on investing in companies that feature experienced management teams, have business models built for the long-term, and reflect our values. View Our Investment Criteria

What Makes Us Different

Because we invest from our own capital base, we’re able to structure transactions in ways private equity firms can’t match. We are distinct in that we are never a forced buyer, nor a forced seller. Our long-term investment horizon means that decisions are based on reasonable return rates and sustained growth, not arbitrary holding periods and rigid IRR clocks. We do not shy away from taking on minority positions and will invest in companies with an EBITDA between $1 and $20 million.

“At LNC, it’s about understanding what you need, not just what we want.”