Winona Capital Management

The founders of a Chicago-based investment group had decades of experience, an established presence in the consumer brands sector, and a clear vision for a type of investment partnership. What they didn’t have was a founding investor. They needed a partner that shared their strategic vision and had the resources to help them accomplish their goals. Laird Norton Company proved to be the perfect fit.

In 2007, Laird Norton Company became the founding investor in Winona Capital Management, a private equity firm that provides growth capital to consumer brands and companies.

LNC was able to work with WCM to creatively structure an investment that met the goals of both parties. Not only did LNC provide a significant capital base, but it was also an active participant in WCM’s first fund. In 2013, WCM raised its second fund. LNC was again a significant investor.  VIEW WEBSITE

We are responsible business stewards offering a time-tested, flexible investment approach.