Fusion Education Group

Fusion Education Group (Fusion) was established in 2007 by an investor group led by Winona Capital Management, a major PE fund investment of Laird Norton Company. LNC was so enthusiastic about the opportunity and management team that it made a substantial co-investment.

Fusion, formerly known as American Education Group, has acquired and grown several educational business concepts. It is currently focused on developing its chain of one-to-one private high schools into a national market leader in the K-12 education space.

Since entering into its partnership with Fusion, LNC has been directly involved in the strategic oversight of company. CEO Jeff Vincent serves as its Chairman. Among other key decisions, LNC helped Fusion set a new direction that led to the sale of two divisions in order to expand on Fusion’s core teaching approach.

In 2014, LNC deepened its partnership with Fusion and its co-investors by assuming majority ownership of the company.  This also allowed existing investors with shorter investment horizons to profitably exit, while positioning Fusion for its next phase of growth.  VIEW WEBSITE

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