Who We Are

We are a family-owned diversified holding company that believes patience isn’t just a virtue. It’s an advantage. Nimble, efficient, and highly experienced, we are long-term investors who have put lasting partnerships over quick profits for more than 150 years. Our reputation as responsible business stewards is built upon seven generations of doing business the right way—with fairness, transparency, and respect.

Why We’re Different

There are a lot of private equity funds out there. We’re proud to be different. We invest from a permanent and proprietary capital base, not a fund. This frees our stakeholders from arbitrary time constraints and ensures they have the flexibility and resources they need to achieve their business goals. We don’t shy away from smaller transactions, and if a controlling interest isn’t in our partner’s best interests, we’re not averse to pursuing minority positions.

How We Work

Our investment approach is adapted to keep pace with a dynamic marketplace. Experienced and responsive, our team of investment professionals knows how to navigate complexity to achieve results. Decisions are based on sound governance and prudent capital structuring. Whether you are a business owner, company manager, intermediary, or deal sponsor, we are direct communicators who will work with you to move transactions forward in a timely fashion.

Why Choose Us

Many companies use the word “partner,” but few understand what the term truly means. Consider us one of the few. We build relationships that foster growth, trust and shared success. At Laird Norton Company, arrangements aren’t based on command and control. Instead, we align our approach to support common goals. Along the way we provide access to services like tax structuring, business analysis and assistance with acquisitions. So, what does partnership mean to us? In a word: everything.